Managing Director

Jun Seung Hoon 



Hello, I'm Jun Seung- Hoon, the chief executive of the Guest House Korea.


We opened it for the first time in the center of Seoul in August 2000 when there were few low-priced accommodations for an individual and foreign backpackers who want to make a trip to Korea. And as of 2003, we have three branches of Jong-no, Hongdae and Incheon that are being operated in accordance with the feature of each region.


The Guest House Korea is not only a lodging facility, but also a place where foreign backpackers and Korean young people can share freely things such as culture, language . Were now cooperating with Club backpackers which is the community by the internet, that is voluntarily striving for the introduction of many things of Korea and for the cultural exchange. 


We continue to do our best to make the Guest House Korea the way to the world by on- and off- line, in which  anybody can get the information and make friends from all over the world. Our hope is that we, together with the Guest House Korea, become the civil ambassador who introduces Korea to the world as well as the spearhead for cultural exchange.


Well always welcome your advice and consideration that will help make the Guest House Korea a better place.









My name is Gino.


Welcome to the Guest House Korea.

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We are Seoul's most exciting and centrally located guest house available right in the heart of Seoul. Guest House Korea provides cheap, affordable, economic guesthouse accommodation with some of the lowest rates available in Seoul! Great discounts are also available for weekly stays and we also welcome long-term stays.


We are located in a charming, unique, heritage-listed building and have been housing travelers ever since 2000, when it was 1st guest house in Seoul.


Guest House Korea is the perfect jump off point for doing everything there is to do in Seoul. So c'mon and experience the unique side of Seoul - lose yourself in Guest House Korea!