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Hey ~ men~

how are you? is it good to live in korea?

haha~ i know korea is a little bit hard to foreiner, because  many  korean doen't want to speak others who doesn't know. in this reason, even though  korean students know English,  they just study english for getting the jop , not making a foreiner freinds or using english in their life

well~~ anyway. but  in my case, i want to make a foreiner friend who want to know korean language

i arrived at Busan on 07/06/2012 from new-york and  nowdays  iam trying to overcome  jetlag- (terrible time gap!! almost 13 hours;;;)

however, as soon as i arrived busan, off the top of my head, i thought i should speak english continuosly.

you know? unless we use second language, we are easy to forget second language.

In this reason, i want to make a friend who want to know korean and korean language(Seriously)

if you want to know about detail information, do not hesitate to ask me.


my e-mail address is [ sunmin0219@hanmail.net ]- if you have kakaotalk that is one of application of smartphone, you can contact me by adding "dex0219"


My information 


name : Sunmin Lee(DEX)

age : 24(international)

sex : male

job : university student

city/address : Busan/Daeyeon 3 Dong

                     i want to meet at Daeyoendong near Pukyong National University

experience : when i was in canada, i taught korean to canadian who imigrated from Turkey and i learned

                   English for 4months

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